Posted Wed, 09/22/2010 - 11:43am

As the opening day for the Walmart at Northcross draws near, we have something special to share with you.

RG4N leaders were recently interviewed by reporters for the NPR program "State of the Re:Union." Nope, that's not a typo.

State of the Re:Union explores how American cities and communities face challenging circumstances, and highlights what gives an area its uniqueness.

In July, they came to Austin. They wanted to report on how Austin is managing to keep things weird in the face of major population growth and change. And since we pointed out how "Walmart Isn't Weird" during our battle, they called RG4N to learn more about our long struggle against Walmart, the City of Austin and Lincoln Properties. We were interviewed for an hour and a half, and we told them everything.

Much of what we said was edited away, but it was clear that they were very impressed with our tenacious fight, and especially with the uncommon result.

To listen, click here then play Segment B:

Here is the full MP3. Our part of the story is at 13:10 until 21:01.

We'll let you know when KUT plans to air it locally. In another way, the timing of this is also great since the national spotlight will soon be on Austin for the upcoming ACL Festival.

If you live in a great town, everyone has to work to keep it that way. We do, and we must. And we hope our story inspires people everywhere who are facing an uphill battle against seemingly unmovable forces and indifferent political leadership.

Never forget all the signatures on petitions or the protests. Or the yard signs, the red ribbons, all the donations, speaking out at city hall, our lawsuit, the verdict, Arms Around Northcross, the town hall meetings, Feisty Fest and so much more. We will never forget you, the thousands of supporters, volunteers and friends we've made along with way.

Here's are some YouTube videos of all we did. Maybe you'll see yourself:

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