Posted Fri, 09/25/2009 - 1:09am

If it looks like nothing is happening at Northcross, it's because nothing much is happening. But we'd still like to clarify what we know and what we are monitoring.

Here's what we know. RG4N had a meeting with representatives from Walmart to get details about the development months ago. Since then, we have been waiting to get firm details about the downsized store and new artistic renderings of the store.

We're still waiting for those details.

Here's what was discussed at that meeting:
The store is planned to be 97,915 sq. ft. (Much smaller than 225,000 sq. ft.)

It won't be 24 hours, except during special seasons, like before. So it's not a Supercenter, as was erroneously reported by News 8 Austin.

The designs we saw were different than before and reflected the smaller size, but we don't have anything to show you.

The truck routes have been changed too. Truck routes are re-routed to the portion of Anderson Lane from Northcross over to Mopac. Instead of going back up Burnet to 183 (which is the way they come down to Northcross), trucks will now come out of Northcross Drive, turn west on Anderson, go to the Mopac frontage and go north up to 183.

We apologize for the lack of more specifics, but that leads us to the final point of this Update.

The date set for construction or opening is unclear.

We'll let you know if anything develops. (But please also let us know if you see anything that merits a closer look.)


RG4N has signed a settlement agreement with the City of Austin and Lincoln Property Company.

The developer will not seek repayment of legal fees from RG4N.

And we will not contest the new, currently approved site plan, since the new plan addresses most of the objections of our lawsuit.

We cannot thank our supporters enough for enabling us to take our case to court. While the ruling did not come out in our favor, our claims were legitimate and are being addressed by the improved site plan.

Accordingly, we can't in good faith, request further donations for the lawsuit. But we do ask for continued support to help defray unpaid legal bills to our law firm, Scanlon, Buckle and Young.