Blog Roundup of the 1/31 Meeting

Posted Fri, 02/09/2007 - 1:52am

The RG4N Community Meeting last week was a smashing success. The local press totally covered the packed, exciting event. So too did the blogosphere. Here is a quick roundup of the postings we saw.

Shilli at Austinist reviewed the site plan presented that night, describes it as "groovy, vertical-mixed-use, green-urban," and concludes, "We like the RG4N plan, and would love to see something like that get built on this location."

msw at Metroblogging Austin described the event as "well-run and informative", and was touched by Chip's Kumbaya moment.

C. Yang took notes from the meeting and posted them to the Allandale Reporter site.

And for an opposing viewpoint (fair and balanced, that's us!), we turn to M1EK, who takes issue with Councilmember Kim's comments about the inappropriateness of placing super-duper-centers in urban neighborhoods.

Thanks to everybody who blogged the event.

Let's try it again this weekend. There are a lot of events scheduled for Saturday (Feb 10). If you attend one, please blog it and let us know (webmaster [at] rg4n [dot] org). We'll post a roundup next week.